What price is reasonable for custom apparel?

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What price is reasonable for custom apparel?
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I believe that everyone will encounter different quotations when they contact Chinese sellers. Everyone says that their products are of good quality and the best price. How to choose the best quality manufacturers with suitable quotations among the many sellers? In the following, I will share with you my experience that has been accumulated for 15 years in doing procurement:

Customized Jerseys Classification
Currently, there are two types of customized jerseys on the market, one is digital printing, and the other is colour splicing.
The small order quantity of digital printing is generally 10 pieces. Of course, many manufacturers make MOQ=1pcs slogan, but there are not many manufacturers who are willing to do one piece order. The cost of one piece is the cost of doing 10 pieces. Therefore, the manufacturer charges 50 US dollar or more for one piece, but the price of 10 pieces of clothing is very affordable, the digital printing will print the design on the white fabric through high temperature transfer technique, which determines that the digital printing can manage small order quantity and satisfy the demand for color at the same time. 
It can be said that this is the biggest advantage of digital printing.

The low order quantity of color splicing is generally more than 500 pieces. This is due to that the fabric needs to be customized from the factory, and the low order quantity must be 8 pieces of cloth per color, which determines the low quantity of the order, and there are strict requirements on the color matching of the clothes. If the color requirements are not high, then one can choose from the supplier's stock color. By doing so the low order quantity will be much lower, and generally would be around 50 pieces. But the existing colors are made according to Chinese standard 2.5 – 3 level color fastness dyeing, for some dark colors such as black, red, royal blue, etc. color fading will appear, if to reduce the degree of color fastness, then level 4 or higher level color fastness dyeing is required.

Price Factors Affecting Digital Printing

Because the content involved in colour cloth splicing is relatively extensive, there is no need to do detailed analysis here. The analysis focuses on the digital printing. The factors that affect the price of digital printing are mainly fabric, size, workmanship, ink, accessories.
Fabric: Digital printing requires that the fabric must be completely polyester. Cotton fabrics cannot be used. Because the colour needs to be transferred to the fabric through a high temperature of 210 degrees, the cotton fabric will be burned. 
The polyester fabric will not be affected and still maintain the function of the fabric. The factors affecting the price of the fabric are mainly the weight. If the fabric supplier provides you different price points for fabric of the same weight, 
then you should be careful, because the price of the fabric is not much different.

Size: it is best advised that we should refer to the size of the local area and provide to the factory. The factory does not have a standard size chart. Because they face customers from different countries, the size chart is different. Even the customer size table in the same country can be different, so be sure to check the size when ordering. The size of the children's wear is 1-2 dollars less than the size of the adult and the female is 1 dollar less. The size range of the male clothing should be kept in between XS-4XL. Extra charge might apply by some factories if the size is over the range.

Workmanship: This depends on the design drawings and the needs of the customer. Different stitching methods for the clothes will incur additional costs.

Ink: At present, the inks used in the market are as follows: Italian ink, Korean ink, Chinese ink, Italian ink is the best ink on the market. The brightness and saturation of the colour are very good. Compared to the other 2 inks, the price of this ink is  generally 2-3 US dollars more expensive.

Accessories: customized weaving, wash label, rear collar, packing bag, tag, these 
will all incur additional fees.

How to Find Out the Quotation of the Factory is Reasonable
Take 50 ordinary T-shirts as an example. The price of Italian ink is about 14 dollars, the ink of Korean is 12 dollars, and the ink produced by China is 8 dollars. If the price reported by the factory is higher than 16 dollars, it is expensive. There is 
room for bargaining. If it is less than 8 dollars, then pay attention to the quality of the product. For some advertising shirts, you can choose such products.

The above are some of the experience that I would like to share with you, and hope they can be of help.
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