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This is a true story from Healong Sportswear.  Mr. Benny, who is one of our clients from the United States.
He is the owner of a rugby club and we met when he randomly found us on Google when he was searching for jersey.  
Before finding Healong Mr.Benny ran into many problems trying to make apparel for his organization.  Production times were too long.  Quality was not good and very inconsistent.  Communication with factory was poor.  He was really frustrated and did not have much confidence when we first talked. 
After a few email, we convinced him to give Healong a chance.  He was very cautious because the price we gave him was much better than his previous suppliers.  Mr. Benny thought that he was going to get what he paid for and since the price was so low he thought the quality would be low as well.
Mr. Benny had been searching for a reliable vendor for a while and in doing so had wasted a lot of precious time.  He had an event coming up and needed 100 jerseys delivered within three weeks.  He was very concerned that we would not be able to meet his deadline.  we told him not to worry, after we collaborated with my production team, art department and purchasing agent, we determined we could finish in time.   Once we agreed on the final price and in-hand date, our art department started working on the design right away.  So if you place an order, we will help you design your uniforms for free!  Since this order required special fabric we sent our purchaser to the fabric market to search the specified material.  In two weeks his order was complete.  We packaged up the jerseys and shipped them international air to the US.  
Once the order left our factory, Mr. Benny received the shipment in only 3 days!  He was nervous before he opened the box.  He thought that there was no possible way the jerseys could make it to his doorstep, from concept to finished product in just 3 total weeks.  When he opened the delivery he was amazed how the uniforms looked.  His earlier fears were erased and he was very happy how everything turned out.  Mr. Benny sent us a few feedback pictures and allowed us to post them in on our website. Ever since then, Mr. Benny has become one of our most loyal clients.
From start to finish, Healong Sportswear will make sure that your ordering process will go smoothly and be stress free.  

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