The Third Healong Cup Table Tennis Game

2016-04-27 08:52:35

The Third Healong Cup Table Tennis Game

On April 23,2016, Healong Sportswear Co., Ltd held the third Healong Cup table tennis game.With the impassioned music, all players and cheerleaders worn blue customizedshirts entered the Arena one by one.

        The Healong Cup’s arena is seted up in the 5 floor exhibitionhall. As the large number of players, the 2 Ping-pong tables was placed on thecentral position of the exhibition hall, and on both sides is auditorium andthe referee. Since the table tennis tournament is already held two times byHealong Sportswear Co., Ltd, with the previous two sessions of experience, theplayers'levels have significantly improved, and various spiking, chop and otherskills used in good place. At the same time, Healong professional commentatoris doing a full of wonderful interpretation, which let the whole game ofapplause and scream as one falls, Finally, the guests even could not helpjoinning in the game! Have to say this session of the Healong Cup held verysuccessfully!




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