Happy 10th anniversary to Healong Sports

2019-09-21 14:30:00

HEALONG Sports Company was formally established in 2009, Has been 10 years to 2019,over 3650 days and nights, we have created a brilliant one after another. Ten years of night is a review and a vision; on the night of ten years,we   appreciate to the company, to ourselves, and to all those who support us.

Site review

1-Guests Sign

At 18:00 on September 9th, 2019, Guangzhou healong sportswear Co., Ltd. ushered in the invited guests.

healong sportswear.jpg

2-HEALONG SPORTS Chairman - Mr. Lv Shaogan make a toast

Since its inception, healong sportswear Co., Ltd. has been committed to continuous innovation and the advancement of the industry. The achievements of healong today are inseparable from the ten-year struggle of the enterprise and the ten years of hard work of the leaders. Mr. Lv Shaogan, Chairman of Healong Company, he led all the colleagues to innovate, accumulate and keep moving forward with a firm belief.


3-Guest speaking

On the development path of ten years, healong sports can not be separated from the trust and support of customers and friends. They expressed their wishes for the 10th anniversary of healong sportswear and gave advice and Look forward to Mr. Lv Shaogan.

#General Manager of Guangdong Tuochen Technology Development Co., Ltd./Mr. Zheng


#Australian partner/Mr. STEVEN


4- Excellent staff

Behind every powerful team, there are not only forward-looking leaders, but also many excellent employees who are quietly giving behind them. Behind the needle and the line, not only the pursuit of quality by HEALONG SPORTSWEAR, but also the persistence of each staff member. HEALONG SPORTS will give an annual contribution award to the staff, and thank the staff for accompanying the company. Accompanied by the company for three years, up to five years, seven years of employees get a custom commemorative ring.

Three years


Five year


Seven years


Thanks to these employees, it is your unswerving commitment to your position, conscientiousness, and accompanying HEALONG through the ups and downs. Not only these employees, but also all the HEALONG colleagues, they are dedicated to the company, all the way to accompany, so have HEALONG today’s results

5-Toasting ceremony

A new chapter has been begun, HEALONG thanked all the guests for their continued support, and thanked all the staff for their continued efforts.


6-Dance performance

Hip-Hop dancing light up the passion of party, Needle by needle string the charm of sports


7\ Band performance


8-Healong New Product Show

Spot series:

white, royal blue, jujube red, dark green, fluorescent green. This series of jerseys uses a digital printing process, and the gradient arrows are perfectly integrated with the clothes, reflecting the passion and vitality of basketball. The basic color of the five colors, printed team logo, number, fast delivery within 2 days, can meet the needs of emergency games.


Classic personality customized:
fashionable and Individual. The top is made of a short front and a long curved shape, which makes the basketball uniform more design. The back uses jacquard fabric to increase the breathability of the clothes and more perspiration. The full-length jersey is made of quick-drying sports fabric, which is more convenient and practical.


City Series:

The design of the jersey is inspired by how to motivate people to strive for a better life. Through careful design, the designers used the digital printing process to present the iconic architectural elements of the four cities of “Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and Shenzhen” on the jersey. It is intended to motivate people to adhere to sports on the road to a better life. On the road to pursue your dreams, Healong is with you!

Healong brand basketball uniform , customized for your basketball story!


9-Fancy football, fancy basketball show

If youth is a spotlight of one’s life, then apperal is a palette of youth. Our youth is more or less linking to basketball and football. Sport lovers sweat on the court, watch the ball to draw a perfect curve into the basket…

Custom your own team jersey that full of spiritual sustenance and your exclusive number .



10- Group Photo

“One needle, one line, warmth and infinite.” Ten years is long, Healong has grown from zero to a global company; Ten years is short,we have joined hands to date.


Finally, Wish HEALONG SPORTS go farther and farther and be strategic in the future. “One needle, one line, warmth and infinite” – HEALONG SPORTS 10th anniversary celebration ended successfully!

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